Artist, atheist and secular activist, Andrea Steele-Meyer is donating her time and creativity to help us raise funds for the International Freethought Film Festival.




History reveals that over time, propaganda has been a common tactic to instill fear and hatred toward societal foes. From heads of state and military forces, to religious institutions and tribe leaders, lies have been spread about those who deviate from the norm and challenge or oppose people in positions of power. The most horrible, slanderous label one can place on such antagonists is the ever popular “baby eater”. Those perceived as heretics, heathens, pagans, followers of emerging religions, revolutionaries and others have, at one time or another, been pegged as such.

Today, the “baby eater” trade mark is a common joke in freethought circles; since freethinkers were once branded as such. I am openly secular with a twisted sense of humor, and I have no reservations about it in my personal realm. These ornaments are an extension of that.

The winter holidays are approaching, and I am launching a fundraiser for the International Freethought Film Festival. (ALL proceeds from this project go to the event.) For those who still participate in festivities and fun traditions of the season, this is something for the “baby eater” who has everything. I have so much fun creating these! There is much laughter from me throughout the process.


Andrea Steele-Meyer


Baby Eater Holiday Ornament appx size: 4.5″ x 3″

Single Ornament or Set of 4