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MAY 5TH-7TH, 2017




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We are currently working on an archive of links to official film selections from past seasons of the International Freethought Film Festival. Here are some links from the 1st annual IFFF back in 2011.

 Films of International Freethought Film Festivals Past

Season One Features

Creator of God: A Brain Surgeon’s Story 

Directed by: Vivekananad Palavali

Documentary/63 min, USA
The Evangelist Directed by: Nate Chapman Dark Comedy/84 min, USA
The God Complex Directed by: Mark Pirro Comedy/121 min, USA
Godless Directed by: Kelli Cooke Documentary/91 min, USA
The Nature of Existence Directed by: Roger Nygard Documentary/94 min, USA
(R)evolution Directed by: Mustafa Zaveri Drama/76 min, India
The Third Testament Directed by: Matt Dallmann Drama/90 min, USA


You could also take a look at our program from last season, to get a vibe for what we do.

CLICK HERE to download our e-program from IFFF 2016.

The International Freethought Film Festival is an annual celebration of freedom of expression. We boldly exercise this liberty by exploring the many facets of freethought ideals through the art of independent film. IFFF showcases films from around the globe that have the potential to start a dialogue on the importance of using reason and science (void of superstitions) to explain our natural world and improve upon the human condition. Nothing is unquestionable.

How do we define freethought?

Simply put, freethought is the critical examination of truth-claims based on reason, logic and science. Claims and practices based on superstition, tradition, religious dogma, and/or because someone “important” said so, are equally held to to this standard.

Examples of themes in the Freethought niche are those that challenge what some societies and cultures deem beyond challenge, such as religion or government policies. The examination of truth claims that are of interest to skeptics, such as paranormal claims, alternative medicine, UFO’s, psychics and astrology, fits this niche. Films that shed light on Human Rights violations, and stories of women and men who take a humanistic approach to affect positive change in society, have a home at IFFF. The clash between scientific findings and religious/superstitious traditions is also common theme among the films we select for screening.


Official film selections get exposure outside of just the film festival, Freethinkers around the globe are seeking more films that reflect their idealism in entertaining ways, in addition to documentaries. The Freethought Film Festival Foundation works with national and international secular organizations to share these films and recommend them to their members. Exposure at the International Freethought Film Festival will launch your film toward an eager audience within the secular movement.


Many film festivals select films that generally steer clear of major controversy. Not us! If your film reflects any of the aforementioned subjects, submit it. We affirm that having the freedom of expression completely negates the concept of having the courage of your convictions. This is applicable in a free society, but not everyone is afforded such rights. Those who create films that question and expose injustices, despite suppression and real dangers in their countries, are truly courageous. Their bravery inspires us!

Freethought Film Festival Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non profit, educational organization, promoting reason, critical thinking and freedom of inquiry through the medium of film.
There are many costs associated with planning and executing a film festival. Please take this opportunity to be a part of the pioneering promotion of reason through independent film and consider making a tax-deductible donation.